Montello Foundation is a foundation dedicated to support artists who foster
our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it.

A Circle of Supporters

The building for thr retreat is pretty much standing now, but we need your help finishing it and operating it in such a remote location is certainly costly. So, it would be wonderful to welcome you as a member to the Circle of Supporters.

This is what we can guarantee you:

• You will be a part of a group of dedicated individuals who make this retreat possible

• 100% percent of your contributions will go to the construction fund. (Montello Foundation is a not-for-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.)

• Our supporters, are affectionately named after the plants that populate the land of Northeast Nevada; both ensure the continuance of a beautiful yet fragile and harsh world. You can join as a:

- Phlox $ 25+

- Sagebrush $ 50+

- Cactus $ 100+

- Larkspur $ 200+

- Indian Paintbrush $ 500+

- Juniper $ 1000+

Hopefully you are now interested and curious and so please contact me by email or phone to talk about the details. Thank you

Stefan Hagen, Executive Director

212 645 7830 •

Thank you to all of you (whose names follow below) for all the help and support you have given to us. These residencies would not have been possible without you:

Ray and Millie Abell • Carlo Adinofi • Anonymous • Benjamin Aranda • Adam Bateman • Tyler Beard • Pam and Tom Bergman • Emily Cantrell • Don Coma • Cynthia Corsiglio • Tony and Lupe Cox • Laura DeGuise • The Demirjian Family • Chris Dixon • Nicole Eisenberg • Biri Fay • Mileta and Marshall Fisher • Kirsten Furlong • Gabriel de Guzman • Dr. Malvine and Dr. Ulrich Hagen • Kitty Hawks and Larry Lederman • Lewis Flinn • Holly Harrison and Jim McManus • Micol Hebron • Guendalina Herminghaus • Ali Höcek • Nina Katchadourian • Jonathan Lasker • Aimee Lee • Jennifer McGregor • Casey McLain • Linda and Doug McLellan • Sam Merrin • Allen Moore • Pauline Mroczynski • Chis Murphy • Jennifer Nelson and Burkhard Bilger • Kristin Nieuwenhuis • Renee Philippi • Catherine Porter and Barry Rowell • Barbara Probst • Brittany Sanders • Enid Sanford • Renate and Ludwig Seyfferth • Yasmeen Siddiqui • Marjorie Smith • Mark Symczak • Sloane Tanen • Susanne Vogel • Susanne Wagner • Patricia Watwood • Cheusa Wend • Fiona Westphal • Allison Wiese • Everybody at The Winecup Gamble Ranch • Monika Wührer • Barbara Yoshida.